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1st Year School Registration

 "So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. By your love for one another everyone will know you are my true followers." ~John 13:34-35

Hi! P-Bear and I welcome you to Kingdom Love Schools! We are excited to have you by our sides as we continue to pioneer this type of Kingdom advancing revelational curriculum in our area!

Below you'll find most of the information you will need to get started or to make your final decision.

This is a "fast track" program! The year consists of 3 Biblical Theology courses and 3 Kingdom/Supernatural Ministry courses each from September 2023 to August 2024. Classes start the week of September 12, 2023.

Kingdom Love encourages relationship and unity. We feel connection is vital and in our experience both in ministry, ministry school, and Bible School we find this to be necessary for healthy growth and maturity in the Spirit! With this in mind, we will meet once a week for classes, discussion, fellowship, and revelating. *In person and/or online.*

In addition to classes, as a requirement, we will be meeting periodically for outreaches, scheduled meetings, and events. There will be a minimum participation requirement for each student.
There will be required reading of 3 books, each with a required book test. Also, there will be a quiz for each class.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for 1st year in Supernatural Ministry and Biblical Theology.

Moving forward, internship as well as ordination will be available (more details to follow for both of these if you are interested).

**Discounts available off of our already low $650.00 per year tuition! 

Early Bird Registration

Register before August 25, 2023, tuition for the 2023-2024 year will be only $550.00** 

Deadline for registration is September 08, 2023*.

Tuition will be $650.00 per year due at registration. A payment plan is available upon approval at an additional $50.00 per year with a $150.00 deposit due at registration, then $50.00 per month starting the 2nd month.

*If you have qualified for discount tuition, tuition will be $550.00 for the year. If you have been approved to make monthly payments, there will be $50.00 added to the yearly tuition for a total of $600.00 with a $150.00 deposit due at registration, then $50.00 per month starting the 2nd month. (scholarships may be available)

*A late fee of $25.00 will be charged if payment is not received by 3 days after the due date.*


The options and instructions are below...



Please fill in each field of the registration form.

In the message field, please type your prefered options for school program and tuition.


When all required information has been entered click on the "Submit" button.

Then click on the "Pay Tuition" button and you will be directed to the Kingdom Love PayPal account.


Program Options

1st year - (School of Supernatural Minisrty and Biblical Theology)

2nd Year - (Five-Fold Ministry Training and Equipping)

*only available upon completion of 1st year program*

Prophetic - (School of the Prophetic)

Tuition Options

Full Year - (total amount for the year paid in full)

Payment Plan - (deposit plus monthly payment schedule)

*You must be pre-approved for this option* 







Prophetic - Full Year


1st Year - Payment Plan

Registration Form

Thanks for registering!

Now, submit your payment to activate your registration

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