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Kingdom Love Missions

God gave this message to the angels in announcing Christ’s birth:

“Behold, I bring you good news of great joy which would be to ALL peoples.”


This is one of the greatest joys and responsibilities we have as the Bride of Christ. We get to co-labor with heaven to see Jesus get the full reward of His sufferings in the hearts of every people group on the planet.

This is why Jesus came... to seek and save the lost.
















Our mission is revival—the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's kingdom through His manifest presence and overwhelming Love.

Our trips are an opportunity to find spiritual family, to be activated in the unique giftings God has given you, and to take risks in your faith.


  • Receive impartation with daily teaching, training, and equipping.

  • Step out into new realms of faith every day alongside new friends.

  • Make new life-long friendships through laughing, crying, receiving, and giving together.

  • Experience a new culture without having to worry about finding meals, lodging, and transportation.

We only want to go where God is calling us. Therefore our criteria in choosing destinations is based around several factors:

  • Where is God moving? We look for places where God is using us and others to advance His Kingdom, so that we can partner with Him.

  • Where is the door open? We look for relationships for the long term in the areas we visit. We want to see the local believers encouraged and built up.

  • Safety of the team. It is important to us that our team members are safe and have their basic needs provided.

  • Manageable costs. Our trips are planned with keeping overall expenses low while having maximum impact.

There is a cost to an experience like this, but the benefits our team members experience always outweigh the cost of time and money. Time after time we hear from team members that this is when they began to see miracles happen…that everything changed after their mission experience.


We welcome you to join us on our next adventure...

contact us at subject: Missions


You can also partner with us by donating here...


Join our support team!

Like everything we do, our local and international trips are funded by the donations we receive. If you’ve been blessed by our ministry or appreciate what we are doing in the Kingdom, consider going deeper by becoming an ongoing Partner with Kingdom Love.

Contact Java John at subject: Partners

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Our next international trips will be to El Salvador, Brazil, and Thailand... dates and details coming soon!


Brazil Update... 

We have one of our own Kingdom Love Missionaries, Nikki, leaving for a 2-year trip deep, deep into the Amazon by boat to reach, disciple, and live within the unreachable tribes along the river!

Nikki is schedule to leave this April 2024 once she is fully funded... 

Please partner with us/her to support God's calling and heart for these people?

Donate or partner here and type "Amazon" 


We have two regional mission trips already scheduled...

May 10-12.2024 Sarasota, FL

We will continue to stuart and support what God has established through us in the Sarasota area back in November 2022. We have made four trips since our initial visit and continue to see growth including four baptizims and a growing Hub! Praiselujah Jesus!

July.18-28.2024 Houston, Tx

We'll be combining our trip to the Houston area with a scheduled training and equipping "school field trip" to Greater Things Conference in Corpus Cristi, TX along with our pouring into our beloved Houston Hub people!

We are still in the final planning stages for El Salvador and Italy, which should be our next international trips!

Also we still have space available for both regional trips and are currently pursuing donations for both.


Please consider supporting our efforts in what God has called us to by donating, partnering, and/or coming on a trip with us...

Please Donate Here

*For a limited time we will be offering a free bag of coffee with every donation of $100.00 or more!*

email Java John for details at

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